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Lost Dog

I'll Bring Them Back In Spring
I'm sure you will still be here!
Lost Dog Handle With Care
I know you will look after me
Lost Dog Figure Dinner For Two
Do I have to share with You?
Lost Dog Alone Again
I need cheering up!
Which Way Now?
I will find my way home soon!
Lost Dog Hitting The Hay
I Can Sleep Anywhere
Dogs are People Too
Who could resist taking me home?
Lost Dog Here I Am
I would love to move into your house!
I'm so well behaved
Nearly There...
Over this fence and I'll be home!
I'm Lost Too
I would love to go home with you
Lost Dog It's Me Over Here!
I would be a great gift for a friend
Lost Dog - Please
What more can you say?
Missing You
Please be my friend!
Lost Dog Walkies
How can you resist?
Warm As Toast
Who said I can't look after myself!
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